Frequently Asked Questions:

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Below are some of the questions prospective vendors ask us about using the service

Can I sell or rent my house myself on

YES! Our core service includes a standard listing on, just like any traditional agent. ... We've been subscribing to for nearly a decade and we get your property listed directly through our own agency account, not through any third parties.

Who is and why should you use our services?

We are a professional fully licensed real estate advertising service with product supplies and advertising packages starting from $349 with no ongoing costs or Commission Fees to list and sell your property privately on and This covers consultancy costs until your property is sold or leased, there is no more to pay. Why pay more than you have to?

Do I need a Contract of Sale?

* Yes - You will need to contact a Solicitor or Conveyancer and have them draw up a Contract of Sale.  This may sound difficult and time consuming but it is an easy process. If you are using a Real Estate agent they can prepare for this for you. Contact of Sale requirements differ in all states of Australia. We recommend contacting the Real Estate Institute, Dept of Fair Trading or Legal advisor within your state. Contact numbers for your state can be found within our"Useful Links" page.

Are we fully licensed? *Yes. We are licensed Australia wide

Do we charge a sales commission?

No - We never charge commissions to advertise and sell your property privately.

Do we have to sign a contract?

* No - There are no contracts to sign.

However, we do comply to REI legislation and our customers are required to complete a Non Agency Selling Agreement. This varifies that you are the owner of the property, consent to use our referral licensed agency to advertise your property for listing upon industry only websites. Ownership and permission is further supported with a copy of a recent rates notice and photo identification of all the owners of the property. No personal information is used for or given to telemarketers.  will refer all of our customers that wish to use these advertising portals to a licensed advertising agency. A non agency agreement must be completed before advertising upon these industry only websites can commence as a No Commission House Sale,

Can we talk to someone before we list our property?

* Yes - We are available 7 days a week.  Phone us on 0435 012 187 see our Office Hours/ Contact icon for our times.

or send us an e-mail to  with any questions you may have.

How does listing my property online work?

Listing your property online puts you in contact with potentially millions of people worldwide.  The Internet is always OPEN and doesn't have 'business hours', so people can search the internet day or night.

Through our website, we advertise your property on the internet, making your listing available to people searching for properties online.  A listing provides potential buyers with property information including a detailed description, multiple photos, and contact details.  If a potential buyer is interested in your property they can then make contact with you. From there, it's up to you to negotiate and sell your property.

How can this be possible? It’s too cheap, what’s the catch?

We offer the full range of services a traditional agency offers except we do not conduct the inspections. If you would like to be paid thousands of dollars an hour to conduct open for inspections then this is your chance. By not providing this single service we can charge a fraction of a typical agent’s commission saving you a small fortune.

I have seen a private sale website for less money.

Private sale, No Agent websites and for sale by owner (FSBO) property websites find it difficult to compete with industry websites. does search well and rank high on search engines and when you combine a for sale sign you can achieve great results. which accounts for over 95% of all Australian internet property searches alone. To appear on this site you need to be listed with a licensed estate agent this is where our packages can achieve you maximum advertising and success.

Every owner should try us first. You will save yourself many thousands of dollars.

A local agent has told me that it is very risky to try to sell privately.

Local agents are aware of the power that we can provide to a private seller. By using, you are not only selling your property privately. Instead our service provides a professional advertising campaign plus access to years of real estate experience and we will assist you and help you through the whole process.

Why can you not advertise the owner contact details?

Under the Terms and Conditions of using some industry websites, private vendors cannot list properties for sale. Only licenced real estate agents can list on these websites and this is part of the service can offer you via our licensed referral service – allowing the private property seller access to the most popular real estate industry websites that will give you maximum exposure to potential buyers.

What do I do if I need help with my listing?

Give us a call on 0435 012 187.  We can give you helpful tips on writing a description and taking photos of your property. We can also guide you through the process of uploading your listing onto our site.  At any stage, we are only a phone call away.

What do I do if I don't feel confident uploading my listing myself?

Don't worry!!  For those of you that aren't computer literate, you can e-mail your description and photos to us and we'll do the rest!  Or, if you don't have an e-mail address, you can send your description and photos to us in the post.

What if I don't have access to a computer?

Just send us all your details, description and photos by mail, and we'll do the rest.

Why won't my photos upload?

If your digital camera is a newer model, it may save your photos in a file size that is too large to upload onto our site, depending on your camera settings.  Try reducing the size of your photo or reducing the dpi (quality) of the photo.  This can be done once you've taken your photos, by using a photo editing program.  Try not to upload photos greater than 900 x 650 or 300kb.  Also, 80dpi is more than sufficient for viewing on our website.

Do you have For Sale signs?

* Yes - We sell quality digitally printed 900mm x 600mm For Sale signs which are made from 5mm thick corflute.  Each sign has a space available for you to write your unique Property ID Number, which you will receive when you activate your online listing.

We did our research, and came up with colours that really stand out.  Red, blue and yellow are over used on signage.  We came up with colours that are unique and really grab your attention!

Why choose us over another Private For Sale Real Estate website?

We are different.  We offer a personal service and are available 7 days a week.  We offer a range of products and services including website listings, For Sale signs, television advertising, assistance with Open for Inspections, and full colour brochures.
Other real estate websites are on the right track - but they don't offer all the extras we can.  Nor do they offer the personal service our customers appreciate.  Also, did you know that some real estate sites prohibit private sellers from advertising on their sites?  We don't. We also welcome Agents to add their listings to our site.

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