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COVID: OUR BUSINESS AND ANY AFFILIATED PARTNERS  and Private Sellers must operate within all the covid rules and regulations and guidelines bound and in force within the all the  Australian States where the properties are  for Lease, Rent or Sale.

This website is owned and operated by  (ABN 32 646 902 586) (“”). The material on this website is copyright to, unless otherwise disclosed. This website is available for you to access, conditional upon your acceptance, without alteration, of the Terms and Conditions set out below.

By continuing to access this website and in the event of engaging our service through, you agree and consent to the Terms and Conditions contained herein (as amended from time to time). is a Australia Wide fully licensed real estate web based facilitator of real estate services and advertising. It provides the opportunity for private sellers to list their property and to market their property without engaging a traditional real estate agent. reserves the right  to change these Terms and Conditions, this website and other polices at any time and from time to time. Revised Terms and Conditions will be made available on this website and you are responsible to review Our Terms and Conditions from time to time to check for updates. You agree and consent to the Revised Terms and Conditions by continuing to access this website.


It is currently an offence for an Agent/Private seller to induce a person to enter into a contract or arrangement by concealing a material fact.

New regulations specify the kinds of facts that an Agent/Private seller knows or should reasonably know and must disclose to a prospective purchaser.

These include that the property:

  • flooded from a natural weather event or was effected by bush fire in the last 5 years
  • has significant health or safety risks
  • is listed on the loose-fill asbestos insulation register
  • has been a scene of a crime of murder or manslaughter within the past 5 years
  • has been used for the production or supply of a prohibited drug or plant in the last 2 years
  • is, or is part of, a building that contains external combustible cladding to which: a fire safety order, or notice of intention to issue a fire safety order, has been issued requiring the building to be rectified regarding the cladding. A building product rectification order, or a notice of intention to issue a building product rectification order, has been issued by requiring the building to be rectified regarding the cladding. A development application or complying development certificate application has been lodged for rectification regarding the cladding. 

The agent/private seller will be liable if they fail to disclose these facts, whether or not they intend to conceal them from the prospective purchaser, if they knew of the fact, or should have reasonably known about the fact.

Payments Options:


Pay by credit card by selecting your product  "options selection" icon next to the coinciding product. You can select multiple items before proceeding to PayPal's secure website for online payment. (You do not have to be a PayPal customer to use this payment

Direct Deposit

Payment can also be made at any bank branch Australia wide with Internet Banking , direct deposit or Paypal to

Please contact us for our account details
If you have an internet banking option through your bank, this is a quick and easy option for banking funds into our account. Please contact us for our account details.

Cheque, Credit card or Money Order

We accept personal cheques, bank cheques and Australian Money Orders. You can also contact us directly and purchase our packages over the telephone by credit card. At this time any purchase made to use this service and without any exception you give full permission for the use and debit of your credit card, debit card and or banking details.

Please note: If you are using the direct deposit or internet banking options, please ensure your Name or Property ID Number is included on the deposit. This ensures funds are easily tracked and allocated to the correct account.


To access your client profile you will be issued with a username and password (UNPW). Once you log in you will be able to make changes to your listing, amend property descriptions and upload or change photography.
You should immediately notify if you consider that someone has accessed your client profile without your authorisation. must verify all uploads and amendments to all profiles. This process can take up to 2 business days. 

Telephone Contact and Calls

All telephone calls made to phone lines either for the purpose of enquiry regarding a property for sale or a customer vendor enquiry are recorded for quality assurance,verification and training purposes.

Non Agency Agreement

Industry website advertising is gained via our agency referral service. Customers must sign a non agency agreement before any advertising and representation can commence upon industry only websites.This agreement ensures that you are the true owner and vendor of the property and that you give permission to our referral service to advertise your property,home,land or business for you. It is supported along with a copy of a recent rates notice and photo identification of all the owners of the property. No private or personal information is used for telemarketing services. 

Do I need a Contract of Sale?

You will need to go to a Solicitor or Conveyancer and have them draw up a Contract of Sale.  This may sound difficult and time consuming but it is an easy process. If you are using a Real Estate agent as your representative they can prepare one for you.This gives you the ability to hand a copy of the contract to your potential buyers immediately upon viewing your home. Contracts of Sale legal requirements differ within all states of Australia. We recommend that you contact the Real Estate Institute or Legal advisor within your state. Contact number are shown within our "Useful Links" page and, and Advanced Home Sales are not legal advisors or representatives. Any information given is for a customer service role and we will not accept any responsibility for losses relating to information given by any companies,advisors or third parties.

Fees and Charges

There are no pro rata payments or monthly fee. If you select a Until Sold package there are no continuation fee for advertising.  All requests to remove listings must be addressed to


There is no minimum term for sign up. The property will be listed on an until sold agreement with or removal by you the Vendor. All listing must be DIY and a email copy will be forwarded to 

Listings must be created within a three (3) week period from the time of purchase. Failure to do so can sometimes result in price or package changes. Listings that are not created within six (6) weeks of purchase will be withdrawn and subject to a relisting purchase fee. All listing must be regularly maintained and be actively advertised and show as for sale or rent or they will be subject for removal.

May I get a refund of the Package fee?

Because our Web site has implemented the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system, which allows images to be uploaded immediately after paying the Membership fee that you have authorised and give full consent for the use and debit of payment from your Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal account or Banking details to purchase our packages or products, without any exception we have a NO REFUND policy. For this reason, we strongly recommend that before payment, our visitors read all information about image file formats, resolutions, and downloading in the Main Menu at each of the site pages. 
Read all information about images, quantity and type offered & resolution and below information.

4.1.1. Listings other than real estate: Listing anything other than real property for sale or lease. For example: cars, car spaces, boats, caravans and portable homes are not acceptable listings on

* is an additional cost product and is not included in our standard package.

*Note: does not offer advertising for Commercial Business Listings.

Disclaimers and Exclusions

You, the Vendor (Property owner) acknowledge and agree that makes no warranty of any kind to you, to the fullest extent permissible by law, in respect of any matter, including, without limitation:

  1. In respect of the Services: their fitness for purpose, or suitability for you;
  2. the infringement of third party rights;
  3. any third party associated with performing the Services, at the request of or otherwise, and their ability to provide such Services; 
  4. the accuracy of any information contained in this website or otherwise communicated by does not accept any liability for any loss or damages resulting from your reliance on the information supplied on this website. strongly advises that you seek professional advice before deciding whether to engage to provide the Services.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither nor any of its affiliates, employees, subsidiaries or holding company shall be liable for any damages of any kind, including without limitation, direct or indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with this website or with the use of any information contained herein or otherwise communicated to you by , for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation the use or inability to use this website by any party, the failure to perform, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line or system failure, loss of profit or income. makes no representations or guarantees that a person using this site will sell their home/business/land or lease their property.

Read all About Us

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections. Read our How to List and Sell 
Read our Privacy Statement and the propertyseller network at No time accept any responsibility or liability for advertising mistakes,misleading information made by any of its customers or their representatives.  accepts no responsibility or liability for any actions of its associated or third party websites,including failure to advertise your property correctly or in the event that their services become offline or unavailable at any time for any reason for any time period/s.  

Contact details

Under no circumstances are you to enter your contact details on Licensed Agent only industry websites including contact name, contact number, email address,location shot, people or faces,car registrations etc on the listing. If you would like potential purchasers to contact you directly please request the 24/7 reception service.


Your property will be listed once receives and verifies the following information;

  1. Photographs of the property,
  2. A complete non agent selling agreement form with property details,
  3. Completed referral service listing authority,
  4. Completed payment,
  5. Your agreement to these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy,
  6. Photographic identification of all vendors, 
  7. A Rates Notice or copy of the Certificate of Title to the property.

By submitting a request to list your property with, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Third Party Sites subscribes to third party sites (“Partner Sites”). Access to these sites is at the absolute discretion of the referral service. does not guarantee the continuity of these sites.

* is an additional cost product and is not included in our standard package.

*Note: does not offer advertising for Commercial Business Listings.


Your failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions contained herein may result in your property being immediately removed from at our sole discretion. is a fully licensed real estate web based facilitator of real estate services and advertising. It provides the opportunity for private sellers to list their property and to market their property without engaging a traditional real estate agent and therefore direct contact with any of our Industry only advertising subscribers is strictly forbidden.

Any amendments,adjustments regarding your property listing can only be made either via accessing your account and using your listing username and password log in details.

All and any listing customer complaints regarding customer service or website issues are to be made directly by email to : - Attn: Barry Skinner

Limitation of services

The Seller hereby acknowledges that:

  1. assists the Seller to conduct a private sale of their property by providing marketing services and does not act on behalf of the seller in relation to a sale.
  2. for the purpose of the Property Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 (NSW) and the Agents Act 2003 (ACT) does not act on behalf of the seller in relation to a sale and therefore will not conduct a preliminary physical inspection of the property. 
  3. Do not allow children or other unauthorized family members or friends to access your credit cards or your account at the payment site to ensure that no one pays for a Membership without your permission.
  4. do not act or represent themselves as an agent for the private seller, nor do we provide or collect any form of data in response to the amount of page visits or enquirers name or telephone numbers, contact details. Property enquiries that are directly selected by an interested party are the only form of data that is passed on by email to the private Vendor.

By making a payment for Membership to our site either via paypal or direct bank or telephone deposit, you acknowledge that you have read/accepted and agree to the above terms of use and No Refund Policy and authorise the use of your banking details and use of your credit /debit card.

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